Condition Monitoring

ERM’s specialist Electrical Engineering team supports our Condition Monitoring division. Our Condition monitoring division consists of numerous independent consultants as well as in house engineers. We specialise in rotating machines and transformers as these are critical assets and present major safety and production risks to our clients. At ERM, we have adopted an end to end, holistic approach to Reliability & Maintenance Engineering which incorporates condition monitoring. This enables us to:

  • Understand our clients requirements and operational philosophy
  • Identify high risk assets (Single Point of Failures)
  • Optimise the performance of critical assets whilst eliminating unplanned plant downtime

Our Condition Monitoring experts will inspect, test and trend (both on line and off line) critical asset failure modes / key parameters. This then enables us to provide asset health reports to our clients with time and criticality-based recommendations and actions (Predictive Maintenance).

Additionally, our system models can then be updated with the latest field results to ensure the “Desktop Model” is up to date and in line with the actual parameters in the field. This also enables the asset maintenance strategies to be updated or fine-tuned.


ERM have provided various clients with motor maintenance strategies, in particular Wound Rotor Induction Motors. These have included maintenance task lists, frequency of the tasks, detailed Standard Work Practice documents and Inspection criteria.


ERM have undertaken reviews of transformer maintenance strategies as well as the required High Voltage Tests to trend key parameters. Our Principal Engineers have vast experience in managing a large pool of transformers for the Utility and Mining sector in Western Australia. The combined experience of our team, places ERM as an industry leader in the market to support our clients in all aspects of High Voltage Equipment and Transformers.

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