New Mine Power Supply Option Analysis

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ERM was engaged to review various options to supply power to a new ore body/mine within an existing large operation mine lease in the Goldfields. The scope included:

  • Conducting a full study of the available capacity at the existing 66kV/11kV substation
  • Review the option of extending an existing 11kV line to the new mine
  • Provide potential maximum available power at the new mine at various operating voltages

This project presented timeline challenges in getting the supply overall site power source (grid connected) to the new mine. The new mine was already operational using temporary diesel generators which was costing the client to operate, particularly with the increasing demand at the new mine. ERM provided various options which included temporary supply options without the need to double up on infrastructure. ETAP Electrical Power System Analysis Software was used to model the mine’s electrical network. The study was completed swiftly to enable the client to move forward and reduce operational costs whilst optimising the installed asset base at the mine

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